Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted - The Mean Gummy Bear

Since we are on the topic of food, i found it appropriate do a short story involving food...

Ted was a mean bully. He was also somewhat racist since he was the only clear, white gummy bear in the bowl. He was the best..or so he thought. He and all the other gummy bears were in a clear, glass bowl-ready to be eaten at any moment. So often, Ted would push innocent gummy bears into the hands of a human, which the human would then eat. I would call that murder. Ted would laugh and mock the gummy bear moments after the unfortunate gummy bear was eaten. Eventually, Ted was the last in the bowl, and he was proud to come out the last gummy standing. But all the humans were so full of food that noone wanted ANY food, not even the last gummy bear. So one human grabbed Ted around the midsection to throw him into the garbage. (which is the worst fate a gummy bear could have) When Ted realized that he was going to be thrown out, he held onto those fingers for dear life! The human parted his fingers to allow the gummy bear to fall into the garbage, but the gummy bear stuck onto his finger. So the human simply flicked his fingers and Ted went soaring into the garbage bin. He was left to rot with the moldy cheese, lumpy milk, weeks-old lettuce, and worst of all-maggots. This was truly the bin of horrors.

Moral of story: Don't be a bully!

NOTE: The author does not believe in karma. But coincidences do happen.

Written by Jeff Gordon

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